Teacher tord x reader lemon

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Peter Parker x Male! Reader

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Reader inserts. Reader Inserts. Epistolary novel between an immigrant willing to do anything to raise to the top and the daughter of the pride of Mount Vernon. The thought of your arranged marriage daunts you like a nightmare, but as time goes on the inevitability of it grows all the more real.

You've all but surrendered yourself to it when a bright young mind comes along to expand yours. Imagine her surprise when he hires a wizard to keep safe. Being a human doesn't make you weak and now she has to prove it.

She just has one question left: Why does he have to be so amazing? You and Thomas just got married. You know that there is usually sex on the wedding night, but you don't feel quite ready yet.

teacher tord x reader lemon

Thomas helps you figure it all out. You're hired as a new maid for the Jeffersons and you and their son Thomas develop an interesting relationship. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. I'd like to return some feelings.I was sitting in the basement hugging my bloody knees to my chest, crying, why does my father hate me so much? I thought, another tear rolling down my scarred and bruises cheeks, what did I ever do to them The voice, it was closer this time, and I have heard it from some where before, but I sat up looking around, "Whose there?

I know your there and I can hear you, please some out" I said my voice cracking from lack of water and not speaking in a while, " I'm over here. No harm will come to you.

I Need You.. Antisepticeye X Abused Depressed Child Reader

I am here I started walking through the woods following the voice, but I soon regreted the choice I had made, signs that said 'KEEP OUT' 'MURDER AHEAD' 'TURN BACK' were hung everywhere, some had blood and guts splattered on them and on the ground, I started getting a bad feeling that I should turn back, until I heard a shriek of what appeared to be a man, an Irish man, I stood there frozen and spun around, a twig snapped and I looked over to where the source of the sound was and saw the twig, but not the source of 'who' snapped it, I continued to look around for the source of the Irish shriek I heard and who snapped the twig, I called out if anyone was there.

But no one answered back. I walked down a inconvenient dirt trail leading down a slope through a thicket of trees and brush, I felt something sharp prick at my ankle and looked down seeing needles and knives, I stepped back away and looked up seeing even more, I grabbed the one that was in my ankle and yanked it out and sniffled as blood spewed out from the new injury made from the needle, it was bleeding very badly now and it stung, I ripped half of the bottom of my shirt and wrapped it around my ankle to stop the bleeding and not attract possibly any predators in these woods that might be attracted to the scent of blood, I carefully avoided the knives and needles and came upon a small cabin, it looked like it had been built here not too long ago, I walked up to the door and knocked on it, but it creaked open slowly.

The owner of the house must of not closed it, And I felt something drop onto my head, I looked up at the sky and clouds gathered, making the sky dark and gloomy, then it started raining heavily, I was soaked and cold to the bone, I closed the cabin door and just sat down beside the door, I hugged my knees to my chest and started to doze off, before I knew it, I was asleep.

Sample pardon letter template

I was walking back home from my 'job', it was quite a messy job actually. And you would understand if I told you, but you don't need to know. Heh heh I saw a little girl asleep by my door, when did she get here? Is she still alive? This stranger is being very nice to me, but. I handed him my bowl and spoon, "do ye want some more? And why are you here? I don't l-live to far from here. Wow, I say this is pretty good! I Need You. Fan Fiction. Anti Antisepticeye xchild xchildreader Abused gore. Anti's p.

Log in or Join Tablo to comment on this chapter Madison Fischbach. Daniella Rockman. Hey can you continue writing? It really good and I can't wait any longer D:.He just came out of the pool and smiled at you. You were still standing in the swimming hall, blushing because of what he said. Just when he was talking or even looking at you you felt your heart skip a beat. There is no chance. He has no girlfriend at the moment. And besides, he talks quite often about you.

Then you left the swimming hall. The next day in school you had decided to ask him. What could possibly go wrong? So when it was finally lunchtime you were ready. I was wondering if we. Sure, why not. You can come to Sousukes and my room tomorrow if you want to then we can watch movies or something.

See you! You knew you had to look for a special someone. What do you mean? That would be so nice of you! See you.

teacher tord x reader lemon

The next day in the evening you were standing in front of Rins room. You decided to wear a skirt and a cute top. Before you knocked, again you took a deep breath.

There stood the red-haired only with a towel on his shoulders and boxershorts on. Your face got red immediately as you looked away. Want something to drink? He returned with a soda and gave it to you. He returned with a smirk. That was a pretty bad choice of yours. Only after 15 minutes you got the creeps and squealed.

This sudden movement of made you blush again.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Jeongguk and Jimin are opponent stand-up comedians on a TV show where they are judged week after week on skits. While Jeongguk is more and more whipped for Jimin, he doesn't know that his crush has more than one secret to hide When both of them begin to lose themselves in their wager, things take a darker turn Kitsu died because of a little mistake on the deities' side and was reborn into a fantasy world.

He woke up in a dungeon and is trying to find a way out. This story contains a shota main character that has a lot of fun with many types of monsters and some humanoids too. This contains bestiality, shota, cum bulge, oviposition, and others. Aulus needs goes to one of his experiments for a de-stress simulation. Unfortunately an error changes a simple simulation into something much more.

Spoiler alert!! This fiction plays some time after the manga, so it can contain spoilers if you only know the anime adaption!

Part of the fiction: - He slowly opened his eyes. Wetness crept in from the surrounding liquid. He was inside a machine, the dividing machine, that allowed a cell to copy itself. He was a newborn, but in the same time a fully fledged cell.

His eyes needed some time to adjust, but the liquid didn't hurt. Something was strange though. The room was dark and empty. It felt kind of cold.

teacher tord x reader lemon

Story: - Cancer is once again reborn, but not as a Cancer Cell this time, but as a normal, common cell with some little defects in appearance, but nothing malignant. He lost his memories and gets from one dangerous situation to another, but he is finally allowed to live.

His former enemies now have to protect him. He finally relents, looking up from his notes to address you. The gold in them is molten with the low light, a captivating color that nearly has a glow all its own. His hair is mussed just slightly out of place and you resist the urge to comb it back to normal. Improvisation is not so much my forte as it is yours.

If I truly want to be considered for this Convocation seat, they will accept nothing but perfection.

Sam will promise to never go out on a hunt alone again. That is, if Dean ever finds him. Rather, if Dean finds him before the monster currently using his insides as an incubator lets him starve to death in this cave. Sam and Dean are on a case, chasing down an elusive demon. But something happened to Dean along the way. And surprise, surprise, he doesn't want to talk about it. Not that he remembers much of it anyway Zira gets dragged along to a life drawing class.Originally posted by v-writings.

Throughout the day he felt as though his teachers had all agreed the previous night to mess with him today. Far too depressed to run home he dragged himself slowly down the street, his backpack barely on his shoulders, and his untied shoelaces being dragged through mud one the uneven pavement.

Behan ko randi banaane or gangbang chudaike kahaniyan

He made it halfway home without being bothered. Flash and his posse had popped up out of an alleyway, and started calling him derogatory slurs and shoving him around. After finding no one he turned to pick up his backpack, only to find exactly who he was looking for when he turned to make his way back home. He let out a quiet gasp when he came face to face with the Spider-Man, whom was hanging upside down from a fire escape.

Immediately after changing into a pair of shorts and a hoodie, he texted Peter. I was joking. A soft tap on his window, shook him from his thoughts. Turning he saw the faint image of his best friend through the window. Smiling immediately he went to open it. Peter Parker x Male!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

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Chapter 11 capital budgeting cash flows solutions

A few months after the accident, Tom no longer finds comfort in drinking away his sorrows. His thoughts are still plagued with bad memories of him.

Monster X Reader Lemon

Tord has the world sitting on the palm of his hand. Tom's in that world and he's trying to survive. War isn't pretty and Tom wants nothing more than to get back at Tord for everything he put him through. The problem is, will he be able to? This is a story about war, one between a lone soldier and a leader, with the whole world paying the price for it.

Though the both of them couldn't care less. Even if in the end the world will burn.

2000 tm 125

They live the same lives as any of their fellow Campfolk- struggle to get cash, and risk your life junking in the city. That was it mostly. But after the night of the Founder's Festival, The Camp's yearly celebration of their two founders, their lives change. And they realize they are wrapped up in something far more dangerous than anything they'd ever faced before.

Patryck is oblivious to what's going on right next to him as he's sent away. Paul reflects on the past as he's taken for questioning.

Red Leader tries to make this as nice as he can. The first four chapters take place before the events of WTFuture while the chapters after them take place before events of Eddsworld: At World's End, so keep that in mind. It's been 10 years since Future Edd traveled back in time to kill his past self but only to get stopped by Future Tom and Matt. During that time, London has been taken over by the Red Army and the world became very grim till one day.

On that day, Future Edd gets freed from his prison and plots to kill past Tord while Future Tord travels to the past for his own personal goal. The red army's growth had slowed and the resistance used it to their advantage.

They needed more people on their side to attack the commie and stop his communistic spread.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Tord has gone through a lot as the red leader, but this might be the worst.

Will this be the thing that finally brakes the Red Leader and everyone who cares about him? Tom can't really control it. It doesn't help when The Foundation captures him. This story in no way shape or form relates to the actual people the characters are based off of.

The red army's growth had slowed and the resistance used it to their advantage.

Is green algae more closely related to red algae or moss explain

They needed more people on their side to attack the commie and stop his communistic spread. Tord didn't know why he allow his reaches to slow, he wanted world domination!

WHEN I'M WITH U (Tord/Arielle)

He couldn't have gotten bored now could he? He had to fight the resistance and take over Japan and Africa! He didn't know anymore and most of his days were spent in his office creating new inventions and tools even if they weren't all exactly useful. He didn't expect his door to be thrown open, or to be drugged and then grabbed by the arms and dragged out by his own soldiers; paul and pat as well.

If someone would have told Tom Riddle, new transferee student of Hogwarts; that the day when he would have set foot on mako he whole life would change, forever. He would have surely look at that person with an are-you-serious gaze while lifting an eyebrow in disbelief.

But now sitting in extreme discomfort in his bathtub -well if the position he was in could even be called sitting- sceptically staring at his bottom, scrutinizing the scales that now cover the bottom half of his body or just the fact that he no more even have his freaking feet!. And if after he ardently deny the accusations that during this moment he has screamed so high and loud that a flock of birds stationed nearby flee away, he will surely deny the fact fervently.

Thanks God, his parents aren't at home! For those who love equal footing between the main characters and a healthy relationship Attention! I only said healthy in the relationship doesn't necessarily apply to the characters though. For those who don't Plus it only goes with botTom because I find those dorks cute and where we find powerless either physically or mentally even magically Harry.

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